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Through a long and industrious career, Robert A. Liston has written many books, of fiction and real.

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When Justice Reigned

How the Warren Court Changed America

When Earl Warren arrived as Chief Justice of he Supreme Court in 1953, America was a far different place. Jim Crow ruled the land. Schools, public accommodations and much more were still segregated. Lynchings occurred. Unless he had money, an accused did not have a lawyer to defend himself. Confessions obtained by the brutal “third degree” police methods were common. Congress and state legislatures were dominated by small town and rural voters, Urban voters were grossly under-represented.

When Warren left the court all this and much more had changed.

With his usual lucid and readable style, Liston brings the Warren Court and its major decisions to a new generation of readers.

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The Pueblo Surrender

On January 23, 1968, the North Koreans seized the U.S.S. Pueblo. The incident sent shock waves around the world—almost started a war. This is the story of how the Pueblo was purposely surrendered in a covert mission conceived and carried out by the National Security Agency, a super-secret branch of U.S. intelligence.

Books co-authored by Robert A. Liston

Robert Liston has co-authored two very popular books on the very real problem of alcohol blackouts. Dr. Donal F. Sweeney and Robert describe the condition and relate tales of anxiety among victims. If you drink, or know someone who does, these books may save your life, or theirs.

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